We partner in the risk / reward sharing with our client companies.

How are we different?

Our goal is to bring great companies in the widest and most ambitious market in the globe: the United States We focus on commercialization: we execute what is needed to bring a company to a successful commercialization, from regulatory to business development and funding. We select partners based on our capability to bring value. We are interested in equity in the US entity that we setup together, while the European company cap table remains unchanged





According to your nature and evolution phase as a company, we agree what is the most fitting approach to work together. Our model is quite unique and is based on the following key pillars:
  • US entity: set up a US entity whose main asset is the license of the technology from the EU company.
  • Joint venture or royalties model: we become your operative US partner and/or distributor upon partial or full equity in the US entity.
  • No equity in the EU company: we do not touch the cap table of the EU company. We are only interested in the US market, where we bring value.
According to the funding requirements of the company, we will support the funding of a successful commercialization in the US market:
  • Through direct investment of our own resources (human and/or financial)
  • Through providing immediate access to a large network of high net worth, Qualified Investors, Venture Capital firms and Fortune 500 Companies that make Strategic Investments.
We know what investors are looking for and the criterion for success in raising capital. We are very experienced in getting our clients the correct amount of money for their equity. We have raised millions of dollars as entrepreneurs and have created returns of over 2000%.
We are true partners in risk and reward.

Creating value through commercialization



The market of the idea, the technology, the IP, the funding needs and the maturirty stage, to evaluate potential and US market fit.



A personalized partnership proposal, based on a Business Plan with sales targets and all the activities needed to go to market, from a regulatory, IP management, business development and fundraising standpoint.

Realize value


The Business Plan, setting up a US legal entity with agreed equity split + governance, location @GP’s premises and GP’s partners as operative resources.


  • A US entity of which you own XX% and have shared board control
  • GP Partners working for you in the US
  • Office location @GP’ premises in Cambridge, MA and/or Miami, FL
  • Cash raised does not touch or dilute your cap table in the EU
  • Significant economic impact on your EU company: higher valuations, more funds raised, boost your EU business because the US entity becomes a client.

Our focus:


The true success of a company is revenue generation through commercialization. Our team is made up of senior executives who are all successful entrepreneurs in the medical, biotech and pharma sectors, with product launches that have resulted in over $500 million in sales.

With this objective in mind, we “reverse engineer” everything needed to achieve your commercial success in the US:
• Regulatory & FDA Approvals
• IP management
• Funding
• Business development
• Marketing & Sales
• Manufacturing

“Whatever you dream of doing, start it. Boldness has genius, power, magic in it”


Meet our team

Our unique blend of leadership, skills, and personalities means we always bring our A-game.