TO.TEM S.r.l., spin-off of Punch Torino S.p.A., and Great Product Ventures, Inc. announce a Strategic Partnership to Bring to the US market italian designed, high-tech solutions for green micromobility

Cambridge, MA, United States and Turin, Italy, TO.TEM S.r.l., a Startup company based in Turin developing and producing innovative micromobility products for consumer use with superior technology and design features, and Great Product, a venture development firm that stages Italian and European companies for successful funding and commercialization in the United States, announced a strategic partnership focused on commercializing TO.TEM’s innovative electric scooter in the North-American market. This alliance allows TO.TEM to bring its technologically advanced, sustainable, and beautifully designed micromobility products to American consumers. Great Product adds another highly successful, innovative company to its portfolio.

Great Product is a U.S. venture development firm with a unique business model to build, fund and grow European companies in North America. Great Product’s founder has worked with innovative startups in Europe for the past fifteen years and the firm is born out of an appreciation for European innovation and the need to couple that innovation with capital and huge commercial markets. Through its numerous affiliations and associations, Great Product gives companies immediate access to a large network of qualified investors, venture capital firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Great Product’s team is made up of proven entrepreneurs and experts in the critical areas of intellectual property, finance, US government regulations, business development, sales and marketing.

TO.TEM S.r.l., a spin-off of PUNCH Torino S.p.A. leader in the engineering of innovative propulsion and control systems, is a Startup company based in Turin, founded by engineers with an extensive experi ence in the automotive field, developing high tech, Italian design micromobiity solutions with 100% sus tainable impact. Their first product, Lynx, is an innovative electric Scooter with unique features: three wheels design for a safer and more stable ride, an A.I. based collision alert system and a 100% sustain able approach with recycled materials and low carbon footprint wooden deck.

“TO.TEM is excited to partner with Great Product in the quest to conquer the north american market” said Mr Massimiliano Melis, COO of TO.TEM S.r.l. He added, “Creating the right collaborations and partnerships is essential for an effective internationalization. We want to bring our revolutionary products to North America and we have chosen Great Product to support us in this mission”. Jonathan Ramaci, Founder & CEO of Great Product, adds, “TO.TEM is one-of-a-kind company, with an exceptional team and an outstanding know-how in the automotive and green mobility field”. Mr. Ramaci further added that, “There has never been a better time for innovative European Companies to embrace the Great Product model as the U.S. market continues to experience geometric growth.”

About TO.TEM S.r.l.
TO.TEM is a Startup company based in Turin, the cradle of the Italian automotive history, design and craftsmanship, and one of the main automotive capitals in Europe. Founded in 2020 by engineers with an extensive experience in the automotive field, TO.TEM’s mission is to contribute to a more sustainable mobility, through technologically advanced and beautifully designed products, all made in Italy. TO.TEM is a spin-off of PUNCH Torino S.p.A. leader in the engineering of innovative propulsion and control systems to realize turnkey solutions. The story of the company starts in 2005, with a group of 80 employees becoming GM Powertrain Europe, after the divestiture Fiat-GM Powertrain.Through the hard work of the management and its people, the site has dramatically increased during the last decade, becoming a center of excellence – General Motors Global Propulsion System – with its 700 employees from 12 different nations, and the offices located in the ‘Cittadella Politecnica’ (University Campus). In February 2020 Torino site has been acquired by the Belgian PUNCH Group, becoming PUNCH Torino.

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