Enjourney Inc.’s, Alba Robot Showcases Autonomous Vehicle Set to Revolutionize Personal Micromobility at Dubai’s GITEX

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA, November 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alba Robot s.r.l., part of the Joint Venture with Great Product Ventures in Enjourney Inc, was invited to the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in Dubai this October to present SEDIA (SEat De-signed for Intelligent Autonomy). SEDIA is an autonomous micromobility solution that dramatically en-hances passengers’ comfort and airport efficiency. Enjourney Inc, is a joint venture between Alba Robot S.r.l., the leader in autonomous micromobility, and Great Product, a venture development firm that stages Italian and European companies for successful funding and commercialization in the Unit-ed States.

GITEX is a global tech event that takes place in UAE every year. GITEX GLOBAL has been an indis-putable technology event for the past 41 years, and in 2022 has hosted over 4,500 companies and 100,000-plus attendees from 170 countries. This global line-up of companies and start-ups has showcased ground breaking applications in the metaverse, AI, Web 3.0, blockchain, 6G, cloud com-puting, fintech, and big data.

“The SEDIA concept is an autonomous vehicle that is a part of an integrated end-to-end micro-mobility platform supporting a new model for PRM mobility within the airport,” said Alba Robot CEO Andrea Bertaia. “We’re not just talking about moving a robot from point A to B by itself; instead, we move people, which calls for a completely different set of methods and technology.” When compared to other products, SEDIA outperforms because of its superior operational effectiveness. Alba Robot’s integrated end-to-end micro-mobility platform can manage passenger’s mobility needs as well as communicate vital journey information back to PRM management, supporting passenger’s autonomy and overall control of service operations in airports and other facilities. On top of that, the industrial design was commissioned to Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A., a world-renowned award-winning design and engineering company and brand.

Jonathan Ramaci, Founder & CEO of Great Product, adds, “Alba Robot has developed an outstanding set of solutions for autonomous micromobility with an exceptional team and great know-how in the automotive and artificial intelligence field”. Mr. Ramaci further added that, “Enjourney Inc, joint venture between Great Product and Alba Robot, is laser focused on the commercialization of Alba’s solutions in North America, leading the next revolution for inclusive and more accessible mobility in key settings like theme parks, airports, convention centers and assisted living communities.”

About Enjourney Inc.
Enjourney Inc. is a joint venture between Alba Robot S.r.l. and Great Product Ventures Inc. Alba Robot is based in Turin, the cradle of the Italian automotive history, design and crafts-manship, and one of the main automotive capitals in Europe. Founded in 2019, ALBA Ro-bot is a micro mobility platform to transform people transportation by using autonomous vehicle fleets. ALBA Robot supports people with reduced mobility to become more independent and provides facili-ties – like hospitals, airports and museums – solutions for autonomous/assisted mobility services. By integrating the best technologies from Voice Assistants, Automotive, Robotics and IoT, Alba Robot has created a Kit for wheelchairs / scooters, trans-forming them in fully autonomous driving systems.

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