BrainDTech and Great Product Ventures announce BrainCode, Inc, a US Joint Venture with the products and science capable of providing early and precise diagnostic tests for precision medicine.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA and Milan Innovation District, Italy, For Immediate Release /EIN Newswire/ BrainDTech and Great Product Ventures announce today the founding of BrainCode Inc., a US-based Joint Venture with a proprietary platform allowing the use non-invasive biomarkers for early and precise diagnosis of a variety of diseases .

The JV, headquartered in Cambridge MA with a CLIA-certified lab facility in Dallas, TX, will deliver fast and reliable tests to monitor brain inflammation as it develops in complex brain diseases such as Traumatic Brain Injury, brain inflammation and other critical neurodegenerative diseases in order to support crucial and time-sensitive decisions regarding detection and therapy.

The company, endowed by BrainDTech’s proprietary microfluidic platform MicroCATCH and accelerated by one of the most innovative venture development firms in the U.S. and Europe, will also take advantage of the industrial expertise of Brian Meshkin, Board Member and Partner of the Company is an Award-Winning Technology Entrepreneur & Executive who has led some of the fastest growing technology companies in North America in the field of precision medicine.

The signing of this JV represents for BrainDTech an important milestone in its global expansion strategy “ – says Fabio Bianco CEO of BrainDTech “ as we strive to deliver a revolution in precision medicine biomarker development for complex disease identification and monitoring”

At least 2.8 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries in the United States every year. Traumatic Brain Injury can not only lead to lifelong damage for the individual effected but can mask itself during the first 48 hours. Most TBI victims “appear” to recover within 48 hours using standard testing, only to suffer death or debilitating injury after the 48-hour period. BrainCode solve this problem in 20 minutes

“Doing well by doing good has always been our motto” said Jonathan Ramaci, CEO of both Great Product and Brain Code. Ramaci continued to say, “The technology developed by BrainDTech over the last many years is going to be very impactful in people’s lives. We see MicroCatch having a huge benefit in the early diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury in Athletes, our Military and others”. “Every First Responder should have a MicroCatch onboard.”

The MicroCatch Platform is a portable, IoT enabled device capable of testing a various, non-invasive body fluids and precisely detecting certain biomarkers within minutes. These biomarkers have undergone years of scientific rigor and can be used to determine TBI, Dementia and other diseases of the brain.