Bio4Dreams S.p.A. and Great Product Ventures, Inc. Announce a
Strategic Partnership to Bring to the US market an outstanding
portfolio of innovative companies in the Life Sciences space

Cambridge, MA, United States and Milan, Italy, September 21 st , 2022 /EIN Newswire/—
Bio4Dreams S.p.A., a one-of-a-kind, certified Italian incubator fully dedicated to very early stage innovative startups in Life Sciences, and Great Product, a venture development firm that builds, funds and grows European companies in North America, announced a strategic partnership focused on staging Bio4Dreams companies’s portfolio for successful funding and commercialization in the United States.
This alliance allows Bio4Dreams to expand to North America its international innovation ecosystem, and Great Product to have a privileged access to some of the most innovative Italian and European companies in the Life Sciences space.

Great Product is a U.S. venture development firm with a unique business model to build, fund and grow European companies in North America. Great Product’s founder has worked with innovative startups in Europe for the past fifteen years and the firm is born out of an appreciation for European innovation and the need to couple that innovation with capital and huge commercial markets. Through its numerous affiliations and associations, Great Product gives companies immediate access to a large network of qualified investors, venture capital firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Great Product’s team is made up of proven entrepreneurs and experts in the critical areas of intellectual property, finance, US government regulations, business development, sales and marketing.

Bio4Dreams S.p.A. defines itself as a “Business Nursery” for great ideas. It is a certified incubator fully dedicated to very early-stage innovative startups in Life Sciences. So far, Bio4Dreams has evaluated more than 900 projects, and counts a startup pipeline ecosystem of 42 companies, either incubated or affiliated. Moreover, it is present in over 12 sites in Italy and has presence in 5 Eastern European coun tries. Bio4Dreams helps exceptional people to exploit the results of their scientific research, working alongside all the subjects of the innovation chain to create sustainable, pragmatic, and long-lasting business paths with an international scope. Bio4Dreams aims to create a broad international innovation ecosystem in Life Sciences, standing as a reference point and beacon for entrepreneurial ideas. Bio4Dreams goes well beyond the traditional definition of startups’ incubator: it follows the entire development path of each single project, starting from its very early stages.

“Bio4Dreams’ mission is the effective internationalization and growth of locally nurtured innovation” said Fabio Bianco, CSO of Bio4Dreams. He added, “We want to bring our revolutionary ecosystem of SouthEast European innovative life science startups to North-America, and Great Product represents a perfect partner to support us in this mission”. Jonathan Ramaci, Founder & CEO of Great Product, adds, “Bio4dreams is one of a kind startup incubator and accelerator, with an exceptional team and an outstanding portfolio of companies in the Life Sciences space”. Mr. Ramaci further added that, “There has never been a better time for innovative European Companies to embrace the Great Product model as the U.S. market continues to experience a significant growth.”

About Bio4Dreams S.p.A.
Bio4Dreams is a privately funded incubator certified by the Ministry of Economical Development, focused on innovative life science startups in very early stage phase. Bio4Dreams mission is to build an international Life Sciences network in order to scout early stage startup projects and shorten their time-to-market. This concept translates operatively into tailor-made incubation programs shaped on each startups’ needs, which can also include direct investments in equity. This is how Bio4dreams contributes to the revolution in the world of Life Sciences.

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